Strategy of the UAE Through Photographs

So, the same class that hosted the Man City party is holding a charity event for the Red Cresent. They have invited all Zuers (students, staff, faculty) to submit photos that document or portray the strategy of the UAE (yeah, I had a hand in the theme...). 

How do you find out about strategy in the UAE? Well, you could read some of the blog posts below this one, or you could read Abu Dhabi 2030 - or any of the other strategic plans (outlined in the post on youth entrepreneurship). But really it is about what is the path that will lead to the vision of the UAE as articulated in the founding of the country a little over 40 years ago - when you see it you will know.

Those of us who aren't photographers can buy the prints - which will be exhibited in the firt week of June. I get first dibs of course, but no discounts :) Good luck all and if you have questions put them in comments and I will answer.

Here is a painting by one of the student organisers, Rashid Al Bloushi - this is an example of the type of image they are looking for (if you are able to explain in a few sentances what strategy it represents).

Here are the rules (written by the students):

1. ZU Male/Female Students, staff and faculty are welcome to participate and submit their images.

2. The images should be taken by the photographer, not from a website or other sources.

3. The maximum images per person are 15 images.

4. We do not accept images from mobile phones or any non-professional camera.

5. Images must be high quality images and in JPG format.

6.A committee will be formed of experts to select the best photos submitted.

7. All participants can put a small sign at the bottom of the left side of the image to make the intellectual property rights remain with their photo.

8. Each photo must include a short description of how the image reflects the Strategy (past, present or future) of the UAE

9. Photos must be sent in a compressed file (zip or rar) with your full name to the email of the Organizing Committee, which is (

10. Deadline for sending photos is 22/5/2012.

11. An invitation will be sent to the ZU community with the time and place of the exhibition in a separate message later

12. The Organizing committee will cover all printing costs of the selected images for the exhibition.

13. We will display all selected works in the exhibition in a one-day and will be sold in the same day. The revenues of this business will be given to the Red Crescent Society.

14. The photographers of the chosen images, will be recognized.

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