Charity group project for Intro to Management - an experiment

A  school new year and new classes have started. I want to write about an experimental project I will be doing with my Introduction to Management class on the male campus - and ask for input from any reader who is involved in a charity in the UAE.

Past group projects in this class I have taught for 3 years now, have included a focus on Abu Dhabi Plan 2030, organizing a charity event on campus and focusing on an innovation introduced in an Emirati company in the last five years. Now I want (well am forcing) my students to be innovative themselves and organize something in collaboration with an organization operating in the UAE.

The project involves choosing a charity in the UAE, contacting them and working with them to discover their needs - then planning, organizing and leading an event, awareness campaign, fundraiser, etc and then explaining the results and all the feedback loops involved (the control phase). The final report will be a one page summary outlining the highlights of POLC and a five minute video of the POLC process they took.

Now, given cultural and other boundaries, the video will force them to be innovative and creative and sensitive (all things they actually excel at). I think it will go well, but then again (as any regular reader will know) I am extremely biased concerning the outstanding talents of my students.

The input I could need from you – do you run a charity that needs some support? Do you know of a charity that needs support? If so please contact me at the email listed in my profile.

Of course I will keep you updated as to the results of the project, and also keep you updated of several other completely awesome projects students in my other classes are working on.

Smile and courage J


  1. Hi Connie,

    This is great. I love the fact that you're leveraging your class to get students to "live and breathe" management while helping out local charities. The goal of having them communicate their findings in a "culturally sensitive" way is also great. I always recommend to faculty to make their student communicate to a large audience. It brings up their "A game".

    I'm teaching an open class on social networking in education this semester, so if I could get a short video interview to share this experiment with my students, that would be awesome. I want to showcase educators using smart web practices for personal, professional, and teaching purposes.


    1. Hi Mathieu, I would love to participate! I love talking about my projects and my students... just let me know how it would work (I am still using a 25$ phone that is 3 years old!) :)

    2. I'll contact you on Facebook.