#AOM2013 Tweetup!

Yesterday was the first Academy of Management tweetup I have attended (although the third organized I believe). Last year I was tweeting, but maybe like many tweeters, too shy to actually attend.

This year I used smile and courage and went... and was the first to arrive! To a room full of food and free beverages. Now for any of you who have visited the Disney Resort complex, you will know that this in itself is a reason to celebrate for all academics (even as an assistant professor I seem drawn to the lure of free food at these things- but at Disney there is no nearby 7-11 to get a 99 cent hot dog - more like a 20$ sandwich!).

Needless to say it was great meeting people I have only "read" or tweeted with... we even had a skyped-in tweep from Denmark - ‏@bogers who I heard is one of the most active #AOM2013 hashtag users!

A nice thing is that on the way to the tweetup (I tweeted I was going) @FidaAfiouni followed me - so I knew there was going to be someone to talk to right away! (and I was right and she is a super nice professor of HRM from AUB)

I met @jendinger who has a super interesting trajectory and is now doing her PhD in the area of disaster relief and the use of crowd funding - and @EmeraldBizMgt who took this great photo!

Photo taken by @EmeraldBizMgt

The tweetup passed quickly, but there was more talking than tweeting!

I realized I got more backsides than front-sides - but I was assured by @entrep_thinking that I captured his best side :)
In fact, we were doing so much talking the bartender was without much business (but I seemed to always have a bottle of water beside me - so I shouldn't complain he had time to deliver!

Empty "open" bar! A never-before-seen phenomena at the AOM!
There were several other people that it was so great to see - and I few I didn't get a chance to meet. @thomroulet congratulations again on finishing your PhD and the new job!

@AOMConnect deserves a special thanks for organizing, double checking wireless connection and skyping in our fellow #AOM2013 tweep. The session was great and I am already looking forward to next year!

Photo credit @AOMConnect

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