Teaching through legends: Learning how to teach strategic principles using stories from the past

Back to school, back to teaching, back to new ideas for bringing strategy and management to life for my students.

I loved my interview with an elder assignment, but I wanted to try something different. I have always been fascinated by the legends and stories that I hear from students - either in the cafeteria, over coffee or in the classroom. I know that parables have been used forever to teach "lessons" and insight into greater wisdom than our own. Will it work for strategy though? (I have my fingers crossed)

The assignment is in groups of two (maximum gentlemen!), and they need to choose a legend or popular story from their tribe, family or even from their Emirate. Then they need to translate it, analysis the content (from a strategy/tactical/operational standpoint) and figure out how they can "teach" one of the concepts in the legend to their fellow students. After this, they will need to develop a ten minute presentation and little (really little, only 1,000 words!) report.

I don't have a theoretical background in oral history - although I think if I ever teach less than 4 or 5 courses a semester (sorry, ignore my complaining!) it might be something for me to look into... but I think this might work. (Hope it might work and I guess even if it doesn't learning for everyone will take place)

I will update this as the semester progresses...

Hmmmm, I wonder if they will let us build a fire outside for the presentations?

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