Sir Bani Yas Operations Management field trip (a blog post by photos)

This past Saturday I was the second chaperon for the Sir Bani Yas field trip (I paid my own way those who think professors are spoiled here!). I have been wanting to go for over four years - so it was kind of like a dream come true!

Dr. Batoul and students in her Operations Management organised the trip - and yes, it is possible to get students to come on the weekend!

Sir Bani Yas Island is a project that was start over 40 years ago by Sheikh Zayed as a nature reserve - and there is now a wonderful hotel that you can stay at and go on safaris to see the animals, archery and many other activities (which we didn't do so I can't comment on).

Here is the wikipedia link:

It was quite amazing... and I will let my photos do the talking!

We arrive after a longish drive... past the turnoff for Liwa... this is our "ferry"
On the bus - I am sure the few tourists who were with us were wondering "what the heck?"
Flamingos on the ride to the hotel - I think they are prettier, was told by one student that "they are prettier on the plate Miss" (there is strictly no hunting on this island of course)

Group photo with Dr. Batoul
Our half the group ready to go on the safari!

Giraffes! A gift from Kenya to Sheikh Zayed
I think this one is called Reem...

Mahas and other "Dhabs" relaxing in the shade
A very cool thing to see!

After lunch we arrive to practice some archery 

The boys do well

I do better of course :) (I will never say if that sign means 10 feet or 10 metres!)


  1. I knew you were a talented girl, but I didn't know I would have to add bullseye master to the list. <3

  2. I am a girl of many hidden talents Kathleen :)