Stereotypes can be deceiving: Charity event "Pies and professors"

While I was away in Jordan my students completed their charity events - as soon as I get photos/reports I will begin posting them - some of them were clever and well received.... others were very messy (still clever) and required the very active participation of faculty in staff (in truth, without them the event would not have happened, so I think them dearly).
So, this group of three young men, Khalaf, Zayed and Mohammed Khalifa decided they wanted to do something fun for the event. They had thought of the water drop thing - but it turned out to be quite expensive - other things as well were not very practical - eventually the planning got around to whipped cream pies in the faces of professors and staff - and students bidding on them. Clever, non?

Then the real planning, getting the uhm, willing targets to agree to participate... a rather clever email was written (yes, I added a certain degree of refinement, but the clever part was all them) to likely uhm... well, you get the picture! Of course they agreed!

Then, "designing" the protective garment, see photo 1:
Dr. Kate O'Neill as wonderful professor, Khalaf with good aim and Zayed keeping a watchful eye

Then the warm up, major anticipation of Dr. Kate, and the resulting huge laughs!
Dr. Kate I can never thank you enough!

I can see Khalaf asking himself "what did we do?!"
OMGoodness, this looks like extreme fun!

ZU has awesome professors!

And staff! Thank you coach Charif (and special thanks for all the help you gave the guys while I was away and always!)
Then the resulting mess when one of the team members seems to be running away!

Zayed get back here and clean up!

I guess they did end up capturing him to clean up :)
Zayed doing his part of the clean-up
Don't worry, the cleaners were compensated for the extra mess and the students pitched in (I know some people always want to think the worst of them). It was a fun event, raised money and created a sense of community on the guy's campus - I saw the photos from Jordan on twitter and I so regretted missing this (and the many other events that went on last week) - but as a proud professor I knew they didn't need me to have a great success (sniff, sniff). They did what all professors want their students to do - took lessons and structures learned in class and applied them to great success - in this case to raise money for charity in a super fun way.

Bravo les gars!

P.S A HUGE thank you for Dr. Kate and Charif - no fun/learning would happen at ZU without the professors guiding and the staff giving their assistance (not doing for the students, assisting) - sometimes I think this may be forgotten - but that discussion does not belong here I know!

Smile and courage and more photo filled non-nerd blog posts to come!


  1. That was fun. Plus that was for something good. Nice.
    Charity Broward County

    1. Thanks! It is wonderful to open students' eyes that learning can be fun and that we can give back to our communities at the same time... looking forward to more projects this semester :)