Stereotypes can be deceiving: Charity event posters

I guess I am not your typical professor - but that is fine with me. For the charity event "final report" I asked each team to make a poster. If you are asking what charity evet, well then you are not a regular reader of my blog. The group project this semester was to organise a charity event (on campus) - using the following guidelines:
  1. Establish a vision (e.g. raise money for charity through...)
  2. Plan (what, when, where, how, why, who, etc.)
  3. Organise (who does what, get permissions, get collaboration from Charif, Joy and facilities (thank you as always guys), etc.)
  4. Lead (motivate customers, make sure event funs smoothly, set-up, clean-up, etc.)
  5. Control (feed back loop, how much money was raised, problems encountered, reaction of customers, lessons learned, etc.)
Yes, I take a process view of management - I understand that people are the most important aspect and the number one resource of any organisation - but people are complicated and processes are more manageable (yes, I was a member of CIRRELT for 8 years and processes and networks are my friend!)

So, the events the students did were awesome, of course I missed most of them because I was in Jordan for the paper development workshop (and yes, like any good students they made me feel SUPER guilty I was not there for the events).

Some of the events (and if I forget one or two add it in comments):
  1. Soccer Play Station (blogged it);
  2. Extreme Fighter Play Station;
  3. Pie in the face (blogged it);
  4. Selling traditional good cooked by Moms (ate too much);
  5. Honey coffee (traditional food and drinks);
  6. Some ball throwing thing with velcro (sounds like it was fun);
  7. Pizza tasting (also a marketing event for one of the student's fathers company who has just introduced new frozen pizza to the market - heard from my sources they were very organised);
  8. Other events (sorry I am not mentioning all of them)
The money raised will go to charity - no, I don't take it - they have to. And the students decide who it goes to (Dubai Cares, workers on the road cleaning the streets, Red Crescent, etc.). In all they raised thousands of dirhams and livened up the male campus for a few weeks.

But the posters... In academia we make posters, I have always spent a lot of time on mine (with TONS of help from friends back at Université Laval). I put them in the hallway to show what I was working on - here is the one I presented at the Academy of Management in 2008 (where I was hired for Zayed University).

I decided on posters because I want people/visitors to see the interesting things the students are up to and for the students to stretch themselves creatively - and posters are fun and make wonderful memories for me and all the people who help make the events a reality.

So, as I work at home I get a tweet that an art gallery of the posters is up on display on campus :) Yeah! Thanks Paul and David!!!!!

Here are a few of them (thank you Khalifa for tweeting the photos to me):

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