Ajman Arabian Sand Stables: another adventure in learning strategy through experience

*Updated* here is a video of the after dinner traditional singing: Video

You must think we do nothing but field trips! This semester has been field trip full - but really they are done without missing classes, believe me (or ask the students) there are plenty of boring ppt presentations they need to suffer through and reading and writing and thinking!

Yesterday we went to Ajman, one of the smaller Northern Emirates, to visit a horse ranch. Of course, nothing is as simple as that and the following narrative through photographs will introduce you to another glimpse of the wonderful Emirati culture.

For regular readers I know you are beginning to see patterns in the strategic fundamentals of these traditional industries - if not, no worries I have and intend to spend some time writing this summer about it. Most likely academic writing, but maybe some blog writing too!

Without further blah, blah, blah here is the story!

Canadian water, Canadian timbits, excellent driver :)

Arriving in Ajman, didn't recognize my students dressed in Western clothing!

Ajman has lots of green and smells very fresh :)

The BEST legaimat I have ever tasted, thank you to all the Moms who are spoiling us with delicious food!

Emirati donut hole vs. Canadian legaimat!

I need the recipe for this! Seriously wanted to bring the leftovers home!!!!

We couldn't go from the house to the farm like normal people - I  rode in the dune buggy through the dunes. Sand EVERYWHERE - scary, but I even rode back so it wasn't that bad :)

Stuck (yes, there is a theme of getting stuck in the sand on these trips!)

No tow rope - so they used what was on hand - or on their heads!

This is sooooooooooo not going to work!!!!!!!!


Go this way - turn turn!

More digging, sun setting! 

Thomas - might have bucked me off because I scared him when he scared me!

The gang!

Horse feed!


The stables

Wow - pretty horse!

Hay from the US - the hay from Sudan gives the horses worms!!!!

Tack - the farm (like the camel farm) is so well organised! 
wonderful moment - camel rancher talking to horse rancher about medicines, traditional and Western!

Where we were!

I bet she is wondering when we are leaving....

Preparing the bbq! (Yes, no trip is complete without a diet busting meal or two or three!)

Yousef reciting one of his poems...

Soooooooo yummy!

And the oud and drum come out after the meal to cap a wonderful trip!

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