Operations Management field trip to Khasab-Oman

Sometimes field trip are not so much about experiential learning and more about experience. My awesome colleague Batoul Modarress teaches Operations Management and the year end project for her senior class is to investigate the shipping traffic in the Straight of Hormuz. This is one of the busiest pieces of "water" in the world - where most of the oil from the Arabian (Persian for the Iranians in the crowd) Gulf traverses on its way to markets in the East, West, North and South.

I was luck to have been invited by Dr. Batoul to act as a chaperon for the 20 male students who attended the two day trip. It was a lot of fun and there were too many highlights to name... As with some previous "adventures" I will tell the story through photographs and captions.


I "stole" this photo from twitter - thank you Ibrahim for capturing our friend  :)

Gathering in the morning - almost everyone on time too!

Pit stop at my favorite coffee shop with my carpool buddies! (Hamad is just stretching, don't worry!)

A tour of the Palm Island information centre

Boat trip around the Palm

On our way to the part of Oman which is entirely in the UAE - this is in RAK

After less than well trained border guards on the Omani side (sorry to say a woman), we enter Oman!

View from my room... the food wasn't great, but the views and staff were excellent!

Friday after Juma prayers we left for our boat trip - the boat we were on looks like this

I love that fruit is available everywhere and is always so good!

The Straight of Hormuz - no need to have been scared Mom about the trip! (She asked why I couldn't just call in sick!)

so, so, so, so lovely


Trying to take a photo of the dolphin... I had no luck!

Kings of the world! (And their official photographers)

All three passengers tweeted "Back in the UAE!" at the same time...  btw, Salem is an excellent driver!

If I had a better camera on my phone you would see the Burj Khalifa!

Almost home - ending the trip as we started it - at an ADNOC!

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  1. This trip was the most beautiful, peaceful and educational trip in my life at the Zayed University.
    Thanks professor Batoul Modarress