(Guest bloggers) Abu Dhabi 2030 Plan: Connectivity and the Abu Dhabi Airport

This is a guest blogger post by one of the participating groups of students who looked at Abu Dhabi Plan 2030 and then developed a poster presentation of their chosen theme.

Connectivity means Abu Dhabi developing "hubs" of transportation networks to connect to the world...

By: Abdulla Al Reyami, Ahmed Al Tenaiji, Khalifa Al Rashedi, Mubarak Mahmoud


Abu Dhabi International Airport is one of the vital player of the country’s economy, and a major player in Abu Dhabi 2030 vision. As of now, 2014, the airport has three terminals, each designated to serve different purposes. Abu Dhabi International Airport connects to 93 destinations around the globe.

Entering the airport

Terminal 1

This is terminal 1 of Abu Dhabi International Airport. It is the oldest building in Abu Dhabi International Airport, and it has gone through renovations to give it a more modern look. It acts as the main gate in and out of the emirate of Abu Dhabi for passengers.

Terminal 1 (use it to fly Star Alliance - editor)
Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is a very specialized facility; it serves the eastern, central and southern Asian demographic. It serves passengers.

Terminal 2 (I used this one to go to India - editor)
Terminal 3

Terminal 3 is a new addition to Abu Dhabi International Airport completed on 2009. Terminal 3 building increased the Airport’s overall annual passenger capacity by 5 million. The terminal is dedicated to Etihad Airways.

Business and First class entrance!
Abu Dhabi Aviation

Abu Dhabi Aviation is the largest commercial helicopter operator in the Middle East. The company provides its services to support of the Abu Dhabi offshore oil, engineering and construction industries. The company was created in 1976.

For helicopters... (never been here - editor)
Cargo Terminal

Abu Dhabi International Airport was named the “Best Cargo Airport 2010” at the 27th Annual Air Cargo News Awards in London. The terminal has many features that ensure the safety of the cargo such as:

  • Over 36,000 square meters of cargo storage area
  • 24/7 services
  • Temperature-controlled storage rooms with a range of Temperatures.
  • Special storage rooms for vulnerable cargo
  • Perishable pharmaceuticals storage

Cargo terminal
Abu Dhabi Cargo Company (ADCC) manages the handling of world-class cargo facilities, provides import and export services, and develops comprehensive delivery processes for airlines, freight forwarders and other stakeholders. They are located at Abu Dhabi International and Al Ain International Airports.

ADCC is the chosen cargo partner for many customers, including Etihad Airways and their growing network of over 60 destinations worldwide. ADCC manages all the cargo related matters in Abu Dhabi International Airport.  The Cargo village is part of the ADCC.

Cargo Village
Control Towers

As the Airport is planning to expand, a new tower was needed to accommodate the expansion. This new tower was built in the middle of the new plan for the new Abu Dhabi Airports expanding projects.

Old tower

New tower
Diversified Activity - Diversified Economy

ADAC offers a wide range of aviation-related, commercial and training services to airlines, operators, and other businesses directly and through its diversified group of subsidiaries. With its mission to become the world’s leading airport company, ADAC invested in developing a comprehensive range of aviation-related services that support the aeronautical development of all its airports.

Expansion - Abu  Dhabi 2030

Developments underway also include setting up the needed infrastructure for ADAC’s Free Zones as well as the property development services offered at ADAC. Al Bateen Executive Airport, the region’s first dedicated business aviation airport, is also undergoing parallel development plans to establish itself as a hub for the fast growing business aviation industry in the region.

Abu Dhabi International Airport expansion plan is part of the major development of the Emirate’s aviation industry, Al Ain International Airport is also undergoing expansion plans to become home to an Aerospace Cluster, with joint collaboration between ADAC and Mubadala Aerospace, aimed to become an internationally recognized center of excellence for aviation technology and innovation in the region. 

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