(Guest bloggers) Abu Dhabi 2030 Plan: Sustainability

This is a guest blogger post by one of the participating groups of students who looked at Abu Dhabi Plan 2030 and then developed a poster presentation of their chosen theme.

By: Mohamed Khalifa, Zayed Al Mazrouie, Ahmed Siddique

The Abu Dhabi 2030 plan is a comprehensive plan for the future development of the city of Abu Dhabi. The plan has been created to deliver the vision of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of UAE and the ruler of the city of Abu Dhabi, to fulfill the grand plan that was first established by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan with the ongoing evolution of Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi 2030 plan is a long term-strategy plan to achieve a safe and secure society and a dynamic open economy. Sustainability is a key aspect to achieve the Abu Dhabi 2030 plan. 


Culture: Qasr Al Hosn Festival

The Qasr Al-Hosn festival is Abu Dhabi’s historical and cultural celebration.  It takes place in a 250-year-old fort located in Abu Dhabi. The festival gives UAE community and visitors the opportunity to experience all parts of UAE culture and heritage through activities for the past centuries. The festival gives people an understanding of how life was at the beginning of development of the city of Abu Dhabi from all living aspect.  The Qas Al-Hosn festival is a part of the strategic plan of AD 2030 as it shows that even though the country has developed dramatically throughout the years, a sign of culture and heritage still exists in it. It will give the UAE community and visitors a chance to enrich UAE heritage and not exclude it due to the country’s development; thus leading to patriotism in the UAE community.

Man weaving traditional baskets at the festival
Photo credit: Muhammed Al-Maskari

Traditional crafts at the festival
Photo credit: Jassim Al-Nowais

Environment: Masdar City

Masdar City strives to be one of the most sustainable communities on the planet that has been initiated in 2006. The mission behind the existence of Masdar city is to conserve energy and find new ways to survive with green energy development. The city runs on a 22-hecatare field of over 87 thousand solar panels. Due to us ‘human beings’ destroying/overusing most of our planets resources, conservation is a brilliant idea at this time. The existence of Masdar City and its future development in the city of Abu Dhabi can help the UAE on the long term with conserving resources for future purposes. It also helps the Abu Dhabi in going green and helps with the future of the environment of the city.

Masdar, people and environmentally friendly

Society: Developing islands

The population in the UAE is greatly increasing thus leading to an increase in demand of housings. Abu Dhabi has reached its capacity in housings within the city itself; therefore, Abu Dhabi’s government has decided in a long-term plan of making use of islands to provide more households for its community. The Hodariyat Island is a new island located near Abu Dhabi and extends up to the end of the Al Khaleej Al Arab street. The entrance of the island is located near Al Bateen are where a bridge connects the island to Abu Dhabi itself. This island is planned to be an extension of the city of Abu Dhabi, providing the community with more land for business projects and households to who are in desire of it. Another developing island is known, as Al Reem Island is a project that was recently launched, which consists of businesses, apartments, a university, a child youth care center, and more. Al Reem Island also plays a role in the strategic plan, as it is another extension and investment to the Abu Dhabi 2030 plan. 

Future plans...

Economy: Investment in Education

Education is the key to success of any developing country and Abu Dhabi has taken that into as a major factor of the Abu Dhabi 2030 plan. The city of Abu Dhabi has a lot of government schools and a couple of government universities that educate its students within the finest academic facilities. The government schools education used to educate its students all the subjects in only Arabic, but for the recent couple of years, all subjects were given in English except main Arabic-taught subjects. This would help students develop their English language with the development of their formal Arabic language. Another investment in education is the Zayed University campus of Abu Dhabi, and the Higher College of Technology. Both these institutes provide students with high quality education through highly respected professors in the finest educational facilities. These educational facilities are well respected internationally and help educate the UAEs community and prepare them to invest in Abu Dhabi’s economy. Abu Dhabi’s investment in education has been one of the highest investments from all of its factors as it seeks to educate its community for a further economic and social development. Abu Dhabi 2030 plan would be easily achieved if the community took part in the development process.  

Zayed University campus Abu Dhabi
Photo credit: Mohamed Al-Khazraji 

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