Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2014: a Strategy field trip

Wow! My 100th blog post...

Today we visited Cityscape Abu Dhabi - you can read more about the event here: Cityscape website. It is a lot about real estate (the most real estate companies ever according to one of the organizers we met), but we went because it is also about the Abu Dhabi 2030 Plan and its implementation.

It has been a few years since I did a project on the strategic plan of Abu Dhabi, but I felt it was time again. The students have a guest blog and poster presentation due next week all about the plan... they need to choose 5 photos that represent a "theme" of Abu Dhabi's strategy and then explain why they choose the photos. Many of course are looking at my favorite "theme" of the plan - Estidama or sustainability built on four pillars/pearls: economy, social, environment and culture

Sand sculpture with the Estidama logo... (one of the few Arabic words I know!)

It was organised by one of the students - so we all had passes and every stand we visited we were welcomed and provided with excellent updates about what is being done... the plans are exciting and it was very interesting to see the model and hear about all the great things that await the city, emirate and country.

A few photos of the visit follow... and next week we have several guest blogger groups on the agenda... hopefully a busy time for the blog for the start of the next 100 posts :)

Listening to an Urban Planning Council employee speak about AD 2030

The model is worth the visit itself... I loved seeing my building and looking at things from a "bird's eye view"

A visit to the Abu Dhabi Municipality booth and learning about the street addresses coming and the bar codes associated with addresses and what we will be able to do with the bar codes!

Students arriving a little late :)

Reem Island :) (aka home!)

The space ship is the Zayed University campus and the glowing building are coming in the future...

At the Masdar booth

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