Abu Dhabi Plan 2030: a Poster Presentation

Today was our Strategy class poster presentation about Abu Dhabi Plan 2030 which outlines the vision of Abu Dhabi in the coming decades. Our trip to Cityscape last week, studying the plan in class and lots of creative thinking, resulted in a wonderful event with five unique and great posters. Each group is also writing a guest blog, so they will appear in the coming days as well.

We set up early and also had home made food and karak and gawa to make it feel like an event and not just a boring class.... Thank you Ghanem and your mother for providing the delicious food :) I even cheated on my diet!

Setting up the posters....thank you Joy Saneo for all your logistical and moral support!

Setting out the food.... Home made Emirati specialties is always a treat :)

Ready for our visitors :) Welcome!

Explaining the themes, photos and what they represent
about the development of Abu Dhabi's Strategic Plan

One of the main themes of AD 2030 is connectivity - that is building infrastructure to connect Abu Dhabi to the world - these young men chose the airport and explained how it has, does and will work towards achieving the strategic plans of the city

Economic diversification and development is at the heart of the plan.... And this group choose images that represent that and also chose the mosque to demonstrate that heritage and culture are the over reaching guides to realizing the plan.

Economic diversification through the development of the tourism industry will play an important role is moving away from dependence on the oil industry, as well as providing citizens and residents wonderful things to do in our leisure time.

Education is the key to developing a knowledge economy - and in Abu Dhabi that includes partnerships with foreign universities such as NYU and the Sorbonne as well as investments in our "home" Zayed University

A poster on the four pillars of estidama or sustainability... Culture, society, environment and economy. 

It was a great project and the posters and creativity were worth the sometimes stressful moments of will it be done in time? Of course I know I never have to worry. Please read up on each group's guest post, you will be interested to learn their view points on the future... I know I always am.

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